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Ms. Konofaos eschews symmetry for designs that include stunningly realistic, hand-molded flowers and painted icings. A former fashion designer, she takes inspiration from the flower arrangements and the prints and flow of fabric she sees on her Instagram feed. “My inspiration lies somewhere between flowers and fashion,” she said

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Dawn Konofaos

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The artist

For the past six years, vegan chef and baker, Dawn Konofoas, has defied the norms of veganism by experimenting with bold ingredients to create unique recipes that push culinary boundaries. Her knack for combining distinctive flavors earned her fame at local indie food markets, but it was her penchant for blending artistic with whimsy in her baked treat designs that gained her repeat customers and ultimately notoriety on social media. Through the years, she’s worked to build a diverse cache of bakes that most never imagined could be vegan—like choux pastry. Dawn’s style, although worldly, has European leanings, and is impelled by her degree in Fashion Design and her previous career as a photo/content stylist. Her specialties are cakes and small bites, such as macarons and laminated doughnuts.

The brand

Alévri & Co. is a curiously artistic vegan fine goods bakery that celebrates moody light and soft beauty. We offer artful cakes, macarons, sablé and so much more. Currently based in Tampa FL, but able to serve all of Florida & Georgia, in addition to the DMV area Pennsylvania and New York. For more about the brand and the artist click here

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