Wedding Wednesday no. 1

Process of creating this cake below.

Process of creating this cake below.


When it comes to what’s essential for planning your wedding day, inspiration is pretty high up on the list. It’s what you base your whole day upon, it’s the information given to your key vendors to get the ball rolling. Today we’re going to talk about why inspiration is essential to your cake vendor because that’s what I know.

First lets breakdown what inspiration is and what it’s use for.

Inspiration can be anything you find interesting, that is then used as a creative tool. Inspiration can be found anywhere. I find mine often in nature or on the pages of a fashion magazine.

As a tool, inspiration can be use to complete many creative projects, like photo shoots or launching a new brand. It’s also essential to my cake design process.

Next I’ll go through my cake design process so that you can better understand how inspiration is used. I’ll also provide a complete visual guide so that you can follow along with ease.


The Spark

For this particular project it was color that sparked my inspiration. Blush and mustard as the main colors with complimenting colors like emerald and plum.

The first thing I consider is the setting of the event, I feel like this could be a great spring wedding, so something indoor/outdoor comes to mind. This is an important time to think of the covering of the cake. For spring/summer weddings it’s a good chance the cake will be indoors, be sure to get that information from the planner or the venue. I wouldn’t want to create a design for a three tiered buttercream cake for it to be sitting outside, but we’ll get into that in another post. For this example we’ll say that the cake will be indoors which is perfect for any kind of covering as longs as there’s air conditioning at the venue.

Next, I want to collect some styling options and see what I gravitate to. I’m feeling the wild bouquets, flow of fabrics, and paint brush strokes, so I look for the images to create a visual.


The Mood

These images I put together on a document called a mood board. Many brands use these as a creative tool to convey the look and feel (mood) they are going for. Once I put them all together on the board I realize there a little 70’s vibe going on and I don’t hate it.

blushandmust copy.png
bmcake Sketch 1_16.png

So now that I have my mood board set I’d create a sketch of at the cake then submit it to the couple or planner to get the approval. All of this would come after the couple has had a tasting with me and chose Alévri & Co. to be their cake vendor. All of this is part of the consultation included with my tastings. Which involves a voice or video call and a few emails. After the retainer is paid all communication is done via email until the week of. I’ll go thought that process another day as well so that everyone can better understand my entire process.

Now that you have a better idea of how a cake vendor uses inspiration for their creative process, give collecting inspiration a try before your cake tasting. Be sure to submit them before booking and make sure you have your event date booked with your venue. This is all helpful for any cake artist, the designs you may want could be something that is outside their style or they could already be booked for your date. So before getting tangled in with choosing cake flavors the try, take care of those details first to make sure your experience is a beautiful and possible.

Dawn Konofaos