Dreamy Date Caramel Sauce


Wellness means sometimes indulging in something that is so yummy you never want to run out of supply. This is that kind of recipe. My yummy date caramel is the perfect fix for any sweet craving. I know you are probably thinking... let's be real, does this taste at all like caramel? Well my friends as someone who considers themselves to be a connoisseur of caramel, I assure you it truly does. 

Honestly, when I first thought of developing this I wasn't 100 percent sold that it would do caramel any justice. I had to do some research to see what would create what I was looking for in a sauce. I wanted it to be smooth, creamy and not too thick. For this I choose to use mejool dates, because they are typically more decadent and kinda already have a caramel like flavor. I also wanted to add a liquid sweetener to the sauce to assure it's fluidity, and maple syrup is always my go to because it's so damn yummy and I figured it would improve the flavor even more so. I wanted the sauce be on the cleaner side because I want as many people to enjoy this recipe so choosing to right coconut milk was important to me. I'm not sure if you have ever looked at the ingredients on the cans of coconut milk that they sell at the grocery but almost all of them have some kind of thickener in them. Usually guar gum, and xantham gum, and you know I'm not to sure why when it's really unnecessary because coconut milk & creams are already thick so, yea does anyone know the explanation for this madness? Any who I've found a few brands that do not contain any thickeners. The one I used in this recipe I found at whole foods, it was the only one available that did not have anything added. It was a great find, not only were there no thickeners the can was ALL coconut cream! Meaning there was no water from the coconut to separate, no need to put this one in the fridge before use. It's so lovely. I highly recommend it. 


Before you go ahead and make this, I had a friend test this recipe out and her sauce came out lighter than mine, I just told her to blend hers a little longer until it becomes dark, velvety and smooth. She also used mejool dates, I think that they are the best option for this recipe. 



Dreamy Date Maple Caramel Sauce



Measuring utensils 


one 12 oz jar 


1 cup of mejool dates (about 7-8 dates) pitted; if your dates are a bit dry soak them for ten minutes in warm water

1/2 cup of coconut cream - I used Let's Do Organic brand; it has no added thickeners so it's super clean 

1/2 cup of pure maple syrup 

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla bean powder or 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

pinch of salt



*If your dates aren't pitted please take the time to pit them, soak them if they are dry, set aside for ten minutes before proceeding. 

Place all ingredients in your blender then process until smooth about 5 to 7 minutes, stop to scrape sides of the blender periodically. When finish the mixture should be a smooth, creamy velvety sauce it should fall off the spoon in a ribbon like fashion. Store in a clean jar with a good lid in the refrigerator. Enjoy atop nice cream, biscuits, croissants and more!