Meet Dawn

Baking is a ritual of mine. I learned to bake at a young age from my Aunt Angela, she taught me many things. She took me to many places. She still does. As a young adult living on my own for the first time I think I felt what may have been depression and anxiety at times. I would comfort myself with doing something creative. Sometimes that would lead me to the kitchen and other times to my sewing machine. I realized my love to baking then. Mostly because I majored in fashion so baking was more of an escape.  It wasn't that I loved eating treats, which I did it was more about giving to others and how something I made to comfort me was doing the same for them. It's a cool kind of human thing, we all need a hug sometimes. As I grew older, I felt more compelled to cook for myself, take things slow and cut out the quick, fast, and the hurry from my life's routine. Participate in this slow living thing everyone is so crazy about these days (but before it was cool) and as a vegan you are kinda forced to anyhow. Either way my sweet escapes lead me to the kitchen more and more and I began to post my little creations on the gram. First it started out as a vegan food thing. I was sharing photos of my handmade vegan cheeses, special dinners, and colorful lunches, and it was great. Then something happened. I couldn't get a decent doughnut around here and I really needed it for some reason. I took to the kitchen and I made me some with my friend Karrie, and you know what? They were everything! That's when I knew I had something special that I needed to share with everyone. That's when my little self care practice was more than just something I do to make me feel better. So sometimes something profound happens to you and your whole life changes, but for me my life was positively altered by doughnuts and I think that's pretty damn rad. Love & Light