10 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas and Toppings10 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas and Toppings

A cake is an inevitable thing for every celebration. But making a cake on your own and decorating it to the best will make your celebrations grander. But there is always confusion when it comes to decorating your cake. Here are some ideas that would help you in decorating your cake.

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  • Melted chocolate and ganache

Chocolate is mostly used for decorating cakes. You can melt it and then mix it with cream to get a ganache. You can also use cocoa powder and give a subtle dusting effect to your cake. It is not necessary that you must have a chocolate cake to decorate it with chocolates. You can decorate any cake with chocolate. Both white and black chocolates can be used for decoration.

  • Fruits

If you want to give your cake a summer feeling with a refreshing light flavor. You can use any fruits like dried raisins to fresh raspberries that will enhance the flavor and look of your cake. You can also use seasonal fruits to theme your cake.

  • Buttercream and frosting

You just need some butter, flavored extract, icing sugar, and milk to make the buttercream. It is one of the top products used to decorate cakes. It can be made of any flavor and any color depending on the theme of your cake. If you can substitute butter, you can convert buttercream into a frosting of cream cheese.

  • Edible flowers

Using flowers to decorate your cake can give a spring feel to the cake. You can use edible flowers like lavender or rose petals in your cake toppings. Along with making your cake look good, these edible flowers add an enchanting smell to your cake.

  • Marshmallows

Use marshmallows to modernize your classic cake. You can melt and use it or use it completely on the cake. You can get marshmallows at reasonable prices in any supermarket. It can be the best toppings for kids’ birthday cakes.

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  • Icing sugar

Icing sugar is the best topping for those who need a simple topping for their cake. You can freely dust it on your cake or add some water and make it icing sugar paste to make some shape or to drizzle it over the cakes and cupcakes.

  • Desiccated coconut

You can bake coconut into a cake or you can use it to decorate it. It is effective and healthier than other toppings. Desiccated coconut is very light and can be added to cakes of any flavor.

  • Sweets

Sweets are wonderful to give an amazing look to your cake. With just two bags of sweets, you can convert your simple cake into a modern design. Kids will love these toppings and will ask for more.

  • Nuts

You can add a new look to your cake with mixed nuts. You can cover the whole cake with nuts or just sprinkle it on the top.

  • Written message

Writing a personalized message on the cake can give a special feeling. The simplest way to write on the cake is by using icing. You can also get cake decorating stamps and edible art pens that help to emboss words on the cake.

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